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  • Financial Accounting Services

    Round the world, we work together with businesses to maximize their value through advising on acquisitions, fund raisings, flotation and disposals. We will help you raise funds that will assist you in taking your corporations to a next level.

    • Tax
    • Marketing Advice From Our In-House Marketing Manager
    • Our Tax Department Is Solely Focused On Our Client's Needs In The Area Of Tax Planning And Tax Compliance Matters. The Areas Where These Efforts Are Focused Includes Personal Taxation, Corporate Tax, Estate Planning, Succession Planning, Cross Border And Non-Resident Tax Planning Matters, Trusts, Commodity Taxation Matters Including GST And PST & Simple And Complex Taxation Reorganizations.

  • Payroll Accounting Services

    Our employees are trained and have aquired knowledge for upto date payroll information & deduction calculations. This helps us manage our client's payroll requirement better. We provide following payroll services:

    • Direct Deposit Of Pay In Individual Employee's Account.
    • Direct Deposit Of Payroll Taxes
    • Retirement Account Administration
    • Payroll Tax Return Preparation
    • Annual T4, ROE Preparation
    • Assistance With Government Inquiries

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    We act as the accounting department for companies who are too small to afford a full-time staff or as the controller or chief financial officer for many businesses that have accounting personnel, but do not need a full time CA. We provide our clients with financial statements preparation in accordance with current income tax law and/or Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties. Our firm also offers a complete range of accounting and bookkeeping services including receivables, payables, payroll and suspense account maintenance.

    • Bookkeeping And Maintenance Of General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, And Financial Statement Preparation.
    • Bank Reconciliations To G/L
    • New Business Consulting Including Consultations On Business Forms For Start-Up Companies.
    • Basic Accounting Personnel Training (This Would Be Training Staff On QuickBooks, Simply Accounting And Other Accounting Soft Wares).
    • Support With Specific Accounting Areas E.G. Sales Tax (GST, PST, Payroll And Other Regulatory Audit Assistance.

  • Business Consulting

    Some business problems are simple. They're like square holes, and all you need to find is the right square pegs. But the big problems facing our clients today are much more complicated. They come with holes of every shape and size – interconnected and interdependent – and changing by the minute, so we provide assistance with budgeting, forecasting, and analysis of operational results.

    We built our consulting practice around the core capabilities – people, process and technology – we believe are needed to help our clients in their efforts to tackle their most complex challenges. We believe it's the smart way to help our clients solve their problems completely – which means it's the smart way to help them create more value.

  • Cross Border Tax Services

    Whether you are an individual, a business or a charity, international capital can present a myriad of choices, opportunities and potential consequences. We have considerable international knowledge and experience and are well-placed to advice on the complexities that cross-border transactions and movements can bring. We provide international corporate tax advice to a wide range of clients. This includes advising on:

    • Residence And Permanent Establishment Issue
    • Repatriation Of Profits
    • Double Tax Conventions
    • Controlled Foreign Companies
    • Double Taxation Relief
    • Structuring And Restructuring Groups
    • Cross-Border Acquisitions And Disposals
    • Inbound And Outbound Investment
    • Transfer Pricing Policies
    • Financing Activities
    • Intellectual Property Planning
    • European Directives And Case Law

  • Personal and Corporate Tax Services

    Rakesh Majithia CPA, CA Professional Corporation has developed a prestigious personal tax practice, offering technically outstanding, pro-active solutions. We advise individuals on personal tax planning with the aim of mitigating income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax liabilities. We continue to devote significant resources, both human and technical, to maintaining and enhancing our personal tax services to private clients. Legislation surrounding issues relating to private individuals, such as tax self-assessment, capital gains tax and inheritance tax is constantly changing and becoming more complex. Our expertise within this area allows us to offer advice on the most recent developments whilst tailoring this to each client's needs.

  • Corporate Tax

    We are seen as a boutique tax consultancy, providing advice and solutions to complex corporate tax issues. Our international client base has enabled us to gain experience in advising on international as well as Canadian corporate tax issues.

    We offer consultancy to companies on domestic and international legislation, finding creative solutions to corporation tax problems. We provide compliance services to Canadian companies prepare computations for corporation tax, advice on liabilities and the timing of payments and correspond with the tax authorities in the case of disputes.

  • Services Provided by Certified CA

    We offer a sophisticated array of services and access to global capabilities combined with a local presence and the personal attention of senior-level professionals. This innovative approach is what sets us apart in our ability to address client needs.